The Iron Cage By Sociologist Max Weber

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Have you ever felt trapped within the daily responsibilities and tasks that make up your daily agenda or planner? Have you ever felt as an individual who’s not living his or her own life, but rather living by the standards and norms opposed and followed by the members of our modern day society? If your answer is yes to any of the two questions above, then you are experiencing and living what is known today as the “Iron Cage”. The “Iron Cage” refers to a very simple, yet complex theory developed by sociologist Max Weber. In his theory which addresses a sociological problem regarding standards of living; Dr. Alana Bibeau further deliberated on how Weber argues, that an individual’s life is being transformed not only by the ideas of efficiency, but shaped by the increasing means of rationality and calculability. Though it can be argued by some that the increasing means of efficiency, rationality, and calculability have no impact on the identity and development of a person, I stand strong to the belief that the increasing means of these three factors, contribute to an individual’s loss of identity; at the same time these three factors also contribute and shape an individual’s life, this of course, going in accordance with what society has been idealized with within the context of Weber’s theory of the “Iron Cage”. For my first experimental project, my group and I focused on how wellness centers are Iron Caged into the belief of “Women to the cardio machines”, and “Men to the

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