The Irony Of Happiness By Ifiok Udoka

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The Irony in Happiness
Ifiok Udoka
By Ifiok Udoka
May 26, 2015
Life is indeed ironic. It 's often said 'no pain no gain ' and it so sucks that way. Whoever wants pain? We all crave happiness because it saves us from pain, hurt and worries. But something I also realized and have to Share: You have to enjoy your pain too. In fact, pain, mistakes, hurt also make up the whole package that delivers us that happiness we seek.
Happiness is not excitement that is a bubble: beautiful, capable of flying, but pending when it disappears. Happiness is far more than that. It is about how you turned out. The state of your being. It incorporates in all your dispositions, choices, status, and gives the final result in degrees. It is an overall analysis. And one thing that helps attain this happiness is enjoying, not enduring pain.
I know I still sound silly asking you to enjoy pain. But I have more of your interest at heart than what I said. I wish I could say it differently and still say the truth.
The truth is that we learn from our mistakes, pain, hurts and flaws; and enjoying these things teaches us best. You would never know love until you know hate. You may not know what someone has been doing until the person stops and is not replaced.
Life is not a highway you move and live anyhow. It is a narrow way with twists and turns, puzzles and scares, troubles and pain: that all build us to be the perfect mold of beauty. You would love a down-to-earth honest person because the person has

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