The Irony : The Metamorphosis

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The Irony: The Metamorphosis

A strongminded man who has everything going for him, nice job nice car, great friends, etc. comes home every night to a sick mother whom he takes care of after a long day of living a lavish life. His one weakness is his sick mother because she taught him everything. No one, not even his best friend knows about his other life and so that 's how he keeps it. Oh the irony right? Big strong man afraid to live his truth in fear of change and facing his reality. In The Metamorphosis, author Franz Kafka speaks on a character name Gregor, who somehow manages to transform into a hideous insect, and the ironic life he lives. During the story Gregor has a family whom he cares for, a job as a salesman, and a lack in
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Stress as defined by Merriam-Webster states that stress is "a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part,." I believe that in Gregors situation his transformation as a whole brought stress on his body, mind, and spirit. On his body obviously, was the most to be affected by stress. Trying to adjust with such a body when ones never experienced such a thing can be a challenging thing. "He was laying on his hard armor-plated back and when he lifted his head a little he could see his domelike brown belly divided into bow-shaped ridges..." (p. 494). Waking up from your sleep and seeing a monstrous body instead of your own can cause a word wind of stress. The body changes that occurred caused a lot of stress on Gregors family as well. His mother especially was very shocked to see him transform from man to bug overnight. Watching him hang from the wall caused her anxiety and she fainted. It’s ironic that she fainted because she knew of his extra extremities and his huge hard back, but still the sight freaked her out. Gregor also identified his
Suarez 3 bosses office boy as a creature saying, "the office boy was the bosses own creature, without backbone or brains"(pg. 496). This statement is ironic because Gregor thought about this before he transformed. My opinion is that Gregor caused his transformation by living a
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