The Irony in “Bariatric Surgery: the Unspoken Truth” Essay

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Leandro Fernandez
Professor Elmore
ENC 1102
February 5, 2012

The Irony in “Bariatric Surgery: The Unspoken Truth”
In Escudero’s essay, “Bariatric Surgery: The Unspoken Truth,” he explores the risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery. In this argumentative essay the author explains what the surgery is, what it does and how the different lifestyles of the patients change drastically in order to support their new body. Escudero mentions how before reaching a decision there should be research conducted in order to determine whether the operation is right for the individual whose life is at risk. He begins with a background check of what the surgery does and then incorporates positive and negative feedback from the surgery.
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Escudero’s thesis states that “the benefits outweigh the complications” contradict what the rest of his paper has to say. The depression, risk of seizures and sagging skin are some of the results he mentions after the surgery has been completed which leads me to believe he is against it. He emphasizes his interview with Mary Luz, an insightful perspective of a person who has gone through the surgery and the many changes it brings to her life. Mary Luz’s interview ends with ‘Inside I will always be a fat person. I will think like a fat person and eat like a fat person.’ These last few words create a sense of doubt entering the reader’s mind of undertaking the surgery in the first place making it seem that the benefits really do not outweigh the complications mentioned earlier in Escudero’s opening paragraphs.
In addition, his appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos are scattered at best and do not mesh well together. The information he gathered from his sources do encourage that he researched and studied his topics well but incorporating unreliable sources from Wikipedia “…the number of surgeries exceeded 120,000 in 2003 (Wikipedia 2),” and “the numbers have surely climbed since then. It is estimated that 200,000 operations were performed in the United States in 2008.

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