Essay on The Irrelevance of a College Education

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The Irrelevance of a College Education

Finding myself a college junior at age 56, I have often thought about why one might want an education in the first place. When asked why it's taken me so long to complete college, well almost complete, my reasons are both simple and complex. I never real ly liked high school that much and my family moved around a lot. As a result, I attended several high schools. In retrospect, I now understand that high school is difficult even if one never moves. But I digress. Why get a college education? Would I be sm arter? More importantly, would people around me think of me as smarter? In fact, did it really matter at all what people around me thought? Was it money then, or pride? Perhaps it was respect.
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I often wondered if this was a punishment.

Several more years elapsed -- ok 20 more years -- and I decided I would take a class for "fun." Imagine my surprise in finding my art appreciation course was indeed fun. How could this be? After all, this was college! Moving ahead still further in time , I was re-engineered from my job (a new word that means fired, canned, sacked.) After a year or so, I decided to look into school yet again, and suddenly I was the proud possessor of my AA degree. Hey this is pretty cool, I thought. Why not go on I aske d myself? But why? Why get an education in the first place?

Graduating high school in 1961 I found there were limited opportunities for young women such as myself. The three major options were teaching, nursing, or having 2.3 babies while living a Doris Day life behind a white picket fence surrounded by flowers, all the while wearing my shirtwaist dress, heels and a pearl necklace as I vacuumed. Come to think of it, that's not so bad now. But it's not 1961; it's 1998 and this time around I knew of advisors. So I met with several at Pierce College. Why s everal? Well, if an advisor spent his/her time expressing their unhappiness with things, I figured they wouldn't, or rather I wouldn't do well by them because they seemed more desirous of airing their complaints than guiding me. But finally, I found someo ne who really

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