The Irrigation Systems At Universities

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At universities across America, and especially at a southern school such as Baylor, water is used in vast amounts each year, leading to large utility bills as well as a high carbon footprint. Therefore the irrigation systems at universities must be highly efficient in order to not be wasteful. Unfortunately, at Baylor we have major irrigation issues. The sprinklers overwater areas of the grass, leaving bog-like areas that are unsavory for anyone passing by, and many of the sprinklers rotate too far, therefore watering large portions of the sidewalks, not only wasting water, but also annoying teachers and students. If it was possible to reduce the amount of water used by Baylor then it would not only be able to reduce its yearly utility bill by a substantial amount, but also enables Baylor to be better stewards of the Earth by saving water and reducing its carbon footprint. In order to save water Baylor has to make efforts to fix the irrigation system. I propose a that Baylor hires the landscaping crew to find areas on campus where the grass is being overwater, reduce the amount of water going to those areas, and also fix the rotation on sprinklers that require readjustment in order to keep the water on the grass. In regards to the importance of an efficient Baylor irrigation system, Paul Clare, the marketing manager of Facilities and Energy at Baylor had this to say: “In accordance with its Christian mission and vision, Baylor University strives to be a community that
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