The Is A Complex Machine That Can Be Disturbed By Many Stimulants

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Introduction The brain is a complex machine that can be disturbed by many stimulants. Methamphetamines (abbreviated as “meth” not to be confused with methadone) are highly addictive psychostimulants. The brand name for meth is Desoxyn, however, slang terms include the following: crystal meth, speed, ice, fast, chalk, crank, etc. (Harper, 2015). The media has impacted the popularity of the drug, primarily seen in the television series Breaking Bad, which makes the business of crystal meth appealing to its viewers. Meth is a relatively inexpensive drug as it is usually manufactured in small mom-and-pop shops, which are family orientated and passed down from generation to generation. Meth can be sold as a pill, white crystalized powder or in…show more content…
Personal relationships form the meth markets which can explain why some areas are engulfed with meth use compared to other areas which do not see meth use at all. In order to gain more insight within the meth market, the authors studied people who participated in meth markets and the people whose lives were directly affected by them; this significant research was sponsored by the The National Institute on Drug Abuse (Mulcahy & Brownstein, 2014). Local mom-and-pop shops are successful, even dominating some areas, however, only in areas where international operators have less success of opening (Mulcahy & Brownstein, 2014). These meth labs explain the relationship of the markets to families and children since they are a family business which are passed down from generation to generation. Children are introduced to this way of life at such a young age and are present during production. This has a negative effect on the children as they become exposed to dangerous toxins along with domestic violence as a result of drug use. Findings from the research suggests that, “in an industry built on personal relationships, the picture of methamphetamine markets…are shaped by the same regulations that were put in place to control them.” (Mulcahy & Brownstein, 2014, para.7). The article believes that the television series, Breaking Bad delivers the story in a way that educates the audience of the family
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