The Is A Complex Machine That Can Be Disturbed By Many Stimulants

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The brain is a complex machine that can be disturbed by many stimulants. Methamphetamines (abbreviated as “meth” not to be confused with methadone) are highly addictive psychostimulants. The brand name for meth is Desoxyn, however, slang terms include the following: crystal meth, speed, ice, fast, chalk, crank, etc. (Harper, 2015). The media has impacted the popularity of the drug, primarily seen in the television series Breaking Bad, which makes the business of crystal meth appealing to its viewers. Meth is a relatively inexpensive drug as it is usually manufactured in small mom-and-pop shops, which are family orientated and passed down from generation to generation. Meth can be sold as a pill, white crystalized powder or in chunk form which is bitter tasting and odourless. Intravenous injection is the most common route of administration, however, it can also be administered through an intranasal route, inhalation or oral consumption. According to the United Nations, more people are addicted to meth than to heroin and cocaine combined because it is cheaper and the high lasts much longer (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2014).
Meth has been appearing more frequently in the news due to its increase in popularity. The article, Meth Markets in America: Mom-and-Pop Shops and the Mexican Cartels focuses on the relationship between meth markets and public policy. The meth industry is controlled by local mom-and-pop operations and/or internationally…
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