The Is A Discourse Community

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The Unseen Barista A discourse community is a commonly seen, but rarely identified language phenomenon. These communities can be found within any people group and in a variety of settings. Discourse communities often are defined as a group of individuals who share “a broadly agreed upon set of common public goals [have] mechanisms of intercommunication among its members,” “uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback,” makes use of “one or more genres” that help the group achieve its shared goals. The group has also “acquired some specific lexis,” and has a healthy relationship between novices and experts (Swales 795). Discourse communities are groups of people who employ specialized terms and procedures to accomplish their particular ambitions. In order to identify these groups the observer must pay attention to the use of language within these communities. Language is a refined yet powerful means of communication. In order to analyze what a discourse community is, one must first determine the utility of language within that organization. The Starbucks baristas are one of the many unrecognized discourse communities. Starbucks has a special term for their employees who compose beverages: barista. Borrowed from the Italian for bartender, a barista is a person who creates and serves varieties of different coffee. The baristas are a unique discourse community because their goal is to be efficient and excellent through silent communication in…
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