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Gasland is a documentary film by Josh Fox. It all began when a natural gas company wishing to buy his land for use of drilling approached him on him, in Milanville, Pennsylvania. He was told that his home was sitting on a natural gas field called the Marcellus Shale. The company claimed the Marcellus Shale was “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas” (Gasland). All of that led Josh to want to find out more about what exactly natural gas drilling meant for everyone around the country. This led him to the 2005 Energy Bill, which was pushed through by Dick Cheney, exempted the oil and natural gas industry from the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act, and many other environmental laws. The information is interesting because Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, the father of natural gas drilling. All of this information led Josh to the western America to see first hand the affects natural gas drilling that has been active in that area for at least a decade. Natural gas is extracted through a process called hydraulic fracturing, which drills a well and then pumps a mixture of water and fracking fluid. This fracking fluid contains over 595 different chemicals that have been uncovered with no help from the hydraulic fracturing industry. These dangerous chemicals can lead to many health problems experienced by many residents whose house fall around the same area as many fracking sites. One of the people he talked to was Lisa Braken, who grew up in the area of Divide Creek

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