The Is A Fun And Engaging Twin Stick Bullet Hell

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Zenzizenzic is a fun and engaging Twin Stick Bullet Hell experience that supports local co-op for two players. Unfortunately, the game has a few glaring issues. The game music that’s played is fine, but pretty quickly I found myself turning the music off, so that I could listen to my own music in the background. Two other features you should be aware of are the Steam Leaderboards and it possesses 210 Steam Achievements. These two factors alone do increase the replay value of the game tremendously.

Stop the rock, can 't stop the rock.Stop the rock, can’t stop the rock.
When you first start Zenzizenzic, you are greeted with the option of playing in Classic or Macro. The difference between these two modes is that Classic is a five level structured design, while Macro is a more open-world and Roguelike experience. However, I didn’t find Macro to be very engaging or interesting. I was moving my ship through empty white areas, with enemies being far and few between, and more than once I found a shop early on without having any points to spend in the shop due to the lack of enemies. The best experience that can be found for Zenzizenzic will be in Classic.

The Classic mode of Zenzizenzic consists of Regular, Boss Training, Bonus Training, and Gauntlet. Gauntlet is a locked mode, and you’ll have to play the game in order to unlock it. But what Gauntlet does is allow you to play through all five missions back to back without stopping. Considering how much of this game has to be…

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