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Hacktivism is the act of hacking, or breaking into a computer system, for a politically or socially motivated purpose. This term has been around since the 1980s, but never has it been more prevalent than now. It seems that not a week can go by without one of these online incidents appearing on the news. With technology advancing, it raises the following question: Are hacktivists beneficial or detrimental to society? After a careful analysis of the pros and cons, one side of this question becomes increasing favorable. Hacktivism is a good thing for society.
First, it gives individuals the power to speak their mind and be heard. With billions of people surfing the web, it can be hard to get a good opinion on an idea, especially for big
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Plenty of illegal or obscene behavior goes by unnoticed in the dark corners of the web because the internet is simply too large for a significant type of police force to be active. With thousands of hacktivist groups supporting almost any cause imaginable, some morally ill intentions can be exposed. A recent example of this is the Ashley Madison leak from last year. Ashley Madison is a dating website marketed for people who are married or are in a relationship. A group by the name of The Impact Team stole and leaked usernames and passwords for 33 million accounts, partial credit card data, street names, phone numbers, recorded documents of 9.6 million transactions, and much more data. While the site is unethical, the intention of the group was not to expose those involved, but to reveal that user data was still stored after deletion. In order to force users to pay, Avid Life Media (owner of Ashley Madison) allows the creation of free accounts, but charges a payment fee for the deletion of an account. All the information tied to deleted accounts were supposed to be completely removed, clearly, this was not the case.
A third reason hacktivism is advantageous is security. Most online attacks are harmless, a defaced website can be easily restored and a DoS attack (Denial of Service) can have little or no influence. However, when coalesced, these efforts can become a powerful force. According to the Georgetown Journal, over 30 pro-Palestinian and 10
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