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dentity is a key factor of an individual in the society. Identity often is skewed despite the rhetorical statement: “You are who you are.” However, many times a society unconsciously attempts to mold the identities of individuals into homogenous products. The important thing is not to let yourself prejudge individuals or acts of people because this creates an assumption that brings a stigma against the individual. Transgender people face the difficult challenge of being accepted into society because they either do not fit a traditional gender assignment to their sex, or they are not willing to specify a particular gender recognized by society. It is a shame that society would force a person to hide their identity but many have concealed themselves in order to conform into social norms. One group that has been socially marginalized and forced to hide their true selves are the transgender community. The definition of transgender is “Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex.” (“Free Dictionary”) People have many prejudices and ideas of what transgender is but many times these are erroneous. Transgender people have been in society since it began but have been forced into hiding due to society’s ignorance, tendency to categorize, and lack of knowledge.

Is there a distinction between the mind and the body? And if so, where does a person’s sense of self and consciousness lay? If consciousness lies within the…

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