The Is A Latin American Female Singer / Songwriter With The Goal

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Our artist is a Latin American female singer/songwriter with the goal to be a successful international artist. Our label will focus on her, not the entire band. She was born in Brazil and moved to New York when she was four years old. Her primary fan base would be communities in Southern parts of the United States such as Texas and Miami. She will perform in Latino venues and big cities like New York and Los Angeles. She will work and collaborate with famous producers and artists as well. Each department of the label will try to make her success.
We can divide the music industry structure into three factors as production, distribution, and consumption. It is not too much to say that distribution is the most important factor in the music industry. Record labels produce records and give them to the distributor, and the distributor disseminates the records to wholesalers or retailers. Then stores sell records to current and future consumers. This is how recorded music is distributed to the music market in general. However, major record labels have their own distribution systems so they can directly distribute records to wholesalers or retailers and the structure of the music industry may differ a little bit from country to country. Music market could be divided into live music market and recorded music market. Live music market includes performances, concerts, and festivals, while recorded music market is consist of physical format, digital music, performance right, and…
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