The Is A Latin American Female Singer / Songwriter With The Goal

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Our artist is a Latin American female singer/songwriter with the goal to be a successful international artist. Our label will focus on her, not the entire band. She was born in Brazil and moved to New York when she was four years old. Her primary fan base would be communities in Southern parts of the United States such as Texas and Miami. She will perform in Latino venues and big cities like New York and Los Angeles. She will work and collaborate with famous producers and artists as well. Each department of the label will try to make her success.
We can divide the music industry structure into three factors as production, distribution, and consumption. It is not too much to say that distribution is the most important factor in the music
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45% of recorded music sales came from record stores and 53% from other channels such as mass merchants,, and mail order in 1999 at the peak of the CD era. Digital music market was not a real factor yet. Years later, the distribution landscape has been changed into the delivery formats. Physical format (mainly CDs) and digital downloads or streaming services became two main ways of distribution to the marketplace. Digital music became a key channel for distribution since the early 2000s. Apple launched iTunes online store in 2003, and it changed everything. This is a monumental year for world music industry because global digital revenues exceeded physical record revenues for the first time. As a digital music service, streaming is the biggest issue in the music industry today. Digital music streaming has grown with the improvement of mobile communications and the spread of smartphones. Consumers got used to use streaming service rather than download for various contents including music and videos. In 2014, overall global recorded music revenues were $14.97 billion. Digital music revenues (46%) took the same proportion with physical format revenues (46%). Digital revenues including streaming were $6.85 billion and physical format revenues including CDs and vinyl records were $6.82 billion. It was the first time that global digital sales drowned out physical format sales. Download took 52% and subscription streaming service took 23% of the total
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