The Is A Matter Of Perception

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“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone.” – Martina Navratilova. Society needs to come to reason with Navratilova’s quote because no matter the disability one has, that one person may be the cure to another person’s problems. Within this world, we come across people who may think that someone who has a disability such as Asperger may have little to no future. Then we have people like John Elder Robison who says and proves otherwise, along with other famous authors and artist. Although they have proven to be successful there are different types of help that they may have access too such as a service animal to help deal with any stress or unease brought on from a situation such as…show more content…
At times children or adults who have Asperger’s struggle with understanding when someone is trying to tell jokes because for them they cannot comprehend the idea that it is supposed to be funny, to them they believe it is truly happening (Thomas, Lewis). The task of being able to separate jokes from serious situations is hard to accomplish for them. They lack the ability to respond to situations within an affectionate way and may show sensitivity to certain situations (Loades, Maria E.). Although throughout the book John Elder knows that he should be showing emotion to certain situations but he just can’t do it because of his Asperger’s. Often people get the warning signs of Asperger’s confused because they think that their child doesn’t have Asperger’s because they are almost too smart for their own good. This type is what is known as high-functioning autism. High-functioning autism is often misunderstood because the child may not show all the “normal” symptoms of Asperger’s but shortly come to realize that even with being high-functioning this disability is still lifelong effective. There are also times where an individual may find it hard to make direct eye contact such as John Elder with his teacher during his secondary school. The reasoning behind this is said to be that it makes the person uncomfortable because of the possible situations or certain people involved.
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