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The EDF is a non-profit organization whose goal is to protect the environment. The organization have many projects that help them to raise fund for such goal. Their main stakeholders are the people who support them and push politicians to pass environmentalist laws. One of their main programs is called the “Climate Corps”; this programs creates a small network that only allows people who are strictly selected by the EDF. Moreover, the plans that their interns create for company affect some stakeholders inside the company they work for. Consequently, many other stakeholders are negatively affected by this. In order to avoid more negative effects instead of positive, the EDF should extend the Climate Corps program and modify some of the basis in which the program creates their plans, so direct and indirect problems can also be solve. To begin with, one of the most affected stakeholders in this network are the students that are not allowed to participate in the Climate Corps; therefore, the student’s selection have to be wider in order to avoid undergraduates of doing unethical decisions. The EDF has to keep their reputation of perfection in order to attract companies. One of their ways to do it is by showing that their interns are the best in the country. First, the EDF only accepts students who are in top colleges of the country. Secondly, they have to be the top of their generation. These two main requirements are used as advertisement in the Climate Corps page. Moreover,
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