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Filesense, is a SaaS platform which will initially be used by law firms, big and small. Primary areas of focus will be within our Federal Courts, State Courts, Tax Court. Filesense offers features that other software solutioins have which include Billing, Invoicing, Email Integration, Timelines, Calender, Scheduling, Document Storage, however, the biggest value from Filesense comes in its ability to search many individual State, Federal websites leading it to selectively know what documents are public (free) vs private (costs) to save and reference in Court cases of any type. This gives Filesense the ability to search its own public documents database which has all the free documents that all other websites or browser add ons have…show more content…
This means every attorney who might be searching for a particular document will not have to pay 12 cents to find a list of cases and their documents, being forced to pay .8 per page and if they forget to save it or share it with everyone or misplace it they will have to pay multiple times for each user of many Court 's Websites. The reason this software lowers the overall monthly cost of its users is its unique ability to save all public documents stored in a binary format inside of our propriarty relational database from any source, which is instantaneous to search from all from one site, one login, one monthly fee no browser addons. Private documents which are unique to each firm 's clients are stored in same propriarty AES 256 encrypted database that is unique for each individual Law Firm, this uses the same method as our public database, however this data is private to each individual Law Firm which prevents all sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, documents that are private in nature have to be shared via email or other electronic means as no site to site transfer of these documetns are allowed. Filesense will protect law firms against unnecessary spending, employee cost will be dramatically lowered because they will not need to search multiple websites, use multiple browser extensions or have many tools that require an
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