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An ELL is an English Language Learner. There are countless and diverse people around the world who become ELLs for a variety of reasons. This could include fulfilling a language credit during the years of general education, or in order to acculturate to an English-speaking country or group of people. ELL’s bring their own preunderstanding of language to their learning experience, just as teachers bring their own unconscious bias to their classrooms. Teachers of English need to keep an open mind, and remember to be compassionate in dealing with their ELLs as there are a myriad of reason why they want or need to learn English. The needs of an ELL need to be addressed based on what their previous experiences have been, and what their reasons…show more content…
Through formal and informal learning, an ELL is learning English in order to assimilate into and English-speaking culture – at least to some degree. There are various reasons why a person would want to learn English. One of the most common forms of English learning is embodied in the student who is required to study English in some capacity as a part of their general or higher education. This is learning English as a Foreign Language, and is abbreviated as FL. This is considered to be formal learning, as a student is led by a teacher in how to understand English syntax, lexicon, and morphology.
Another common reason an ELL would study English is for the specific purpose of communicating with natural English-speakers in their vocation. This is using English as an Auxiliary Language, or AL, and could be required for “official functions in their immediate political setting” even though their L1 satisfies other daily communication needs (Saville Troike, 4). An ELL studying English in this capacity requires only as much understanding as well provide them with the vocabulary necessary for success in a certain vocation. For example, a Japanese businessman might learn English so that he could successfully spread his business across the English-speaking world. Understanding an ELL’s purpose in learning English is important so that their teacher or the natural English-speakers around them can more effectively

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