The Is An Inquisition On Whether Babies Should Be Left

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The online article poses an inquisition on whether babies should be left to “cry it out” at bedtime. Using data provided by a study conducted in Australia, this American news/talk show tells the viewers that the infant is better off if the parent ignores the crying to the point of exhaustion, something the article called "graduated extinction". The different techniques proposed in the article show all the different methods that a parent can use to get their child asleep and stay to stay that way longer. Many new parents would deem this information invaluable, considering that most newborns are up crying every couple of hours during the night. New parents and infants need sleep to function, and for the infants, major developments occur during the sleep cycles. Any parental training interventions are encouraged, as long as the adjustments have a proven basis for the change. Any amount of information presented in the media should be questioned to some extent. In most cases the media is not the original source of the information being presented, so they are not liable for any misinterpreted information. This article is the interpretation of the Today show’s perception of the data given from the original scientific study done by Australian researchers of which the article doesn’t even cite. With no data to support the statements made in the press article, there is no way for the public to fully understand the parameters of which the study was done; the conclusions drawn from
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