The Is An Integral Part National Security

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Cybersecurity is an integral part national security. Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and success and can target virtually anything connected to a network. These threats can affect everyday activities such as talking on a cell phone, driving a car, riding a train, shopping, or flying. They can also affect the highest levels of our country’s government, from a Secretary of State’s email server to the data base of millions of government and military employees. Nearly everything these days is digital. That simple fact means that everything digital is vulnerable. From military technology to a child monitor, the cybersecurity is paramount to national security, because if it can be used to destroy or disrupt, an adversary will try to employ it in their favor. Cybersecurity and US National Security Policy The idea of cyber security actually originated following the Cold War, when technological innovations were becoming more and more computerized and the threat of a “digital Pearl Harbor” or the use of “weapons of mass disruption” were talking points of politicians and tech specialists (Hansen, L., & Nissenbaum, H., 2009, p. 1155). Modern society and specifically the US, as one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, is built on a system dependent on electronics, telecommunications, energy, and a financial system heavily dependent on the internet, servers, and connectivity (de Laat, W., 2012, p. 453). There is almost no such thing as stand-alone
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