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Question 1: Assess whether from utilitarian, rights, justice and caring perspective, Unocal did the right thing in deciding to invest in the pipeline and then in conducting the project as it did. Assuming there was no way to change the outcome of this case and the outcome was foreseen, was Unocal then justified in deciding to invest in the pipeline? Answer 1: Unocal is an oil company of California which had operations in all aspects of oil business such as extraction, refining, distribution, marketing and retail. The company decided to invest in projects outside U.S because of depletion of oil fields in the U.S hence it decided to invest in the “YADANA FIELD” in Burma. Unocal paid $8.6 million to Total SA to become 28, 26% of the Yadana field project. Unocal invested in this project because of high profit and low cost as the labour was cheap in Burma, it was rich in resources, it was an entry point to international markets such as China and India and the Burmese government maintained a stable climate but on the other hand the region where the pipeline was being constructed was not safe to work as Burma had a military dictatorship which harassed and violated the rights of people, after analysing and knowing all these facts Unocal still invested in the project. During the construction of the pipeline there were reports that the Burmese Karen minority groups were forced to relocate and were tortured, raped and murdered, there was even forced labour involved in the project by

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