The Is College The Best Option Theme Is Liz Addisons 's Two Years Better Than Four And Gerald Graff

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Two of the essays I chose for the Is College the Best Option theme is Liz Addisons’s Two years better than Four and Gerald Graff’s Hidden Intellectualism. In Liz Addisons’s essay, Two Years Better than Four she shares her own experience, having attended two community colleges that provided her a launching pad for her career. Addison expressed much elation for her experience in opening her mind to the varieties of experiences that followed her journey to earn a bachelor degree as a large animal veterinarian. Similarly, in Gerald Graff’s essay titled Hidden Intellectualism argues that “street smart” can enhance scholarly thinking. Graff’s knowledge of sports presented an analogy of the two subjects. Graff observes sports bring people together passionately discussing stats, players, and scores. In Graff’s opinion subjects such as sports can be used as an academic tool to gain knowledge in a school setting. Passion can be hidden in some places you already know. Some are obvious, and some you have to search for. Is your passion worth the effort? As I read Gerald Graff’s Hidden Intellectualism I agree that “street smart” can also be adapted in a scholarly setting. Graff attest that “street smart” overpowers academic intellect. Graff uses his childhood experience to prove his arguments. I’m on Graff’s side of argument on his beliefs that “street smart” is gained before academic intellect. In my own experience as a child growing up, I was around agriculture from the day I was
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