The Is Destroying The Home Institution

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There is a widespread pandemic that is gradually destroying the home institution. There is no cure for this widespread disease. This pandemic has struck every nation, society, and culture and there seems to be no remedy to slow down this rampant fire from spreading even more. There must be an underlying cause and there must be a remedy to cure this pandemic. Every culture and society’s most devastating and pressing challenge right now and in the future is the lack of father involvement in the home. Missing fathers has caused the home to deteriorate and disintegrate slowly. The institution called the home is dying slowly because fathers no longer shoulder their roles and responsibilities as head of their homes.
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No one has really taken the time to spell out the directions for men to perform as head of their homes. Fathers need guidance and directions to be successful (Green, 2009).
According to Joseph Olan Stubbs (2006) men typically fall into two categories. In our culture now, many men have been taught either directly or indirectly that our misunderstanding of headship is wrong and that men should be more like women. Many men who believe this lie have been emasculated to become more effeminate. Men are turning to be more and more women like because our culture has trained them to turn away from being a real man. Men have bought into this culture that being effeminate holds higher values. Men that believe this lie have become incredibly passive, they shun tasks, neglect their responsibilities, and duties altogether to pursue trivial pursuits (Parkinson, 2015). The other category of men’s world is that of the macho man. This man believes he is high and mighty and that everything should be done in the order of his commands. He is overbearing and his pride pushes him to be demanding and angry at the world. He believes this dictatorship style leader is the real man. He understands that positional authority is manlier and makes him feel superior to his counterpart. But this style of leadership is ruthless and it is uncalled for because it turns out he becomes a heartless dictator (Stubbs, 2006). He wants what he demands and if he doesn’t get it he explodes tearing his
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