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As the world has been growing fast and people have become overloaded day by day, the changes in their lifestyle have affected their state of health by keeping all the aspects in mind as health plays an important role in an individual 's life; “Smart Chop” is digital chopping board which has given the world of cooking and health a complete new image. The unique features of this new era chopping board as under: • It detects the weight of the food product placed on it. • The nutritional value of the said product specifying with complete bifurcation the different proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc, and the caloric content of the food placed on the chopping board. • Directly connects to electronic devices (tablets, cell phones, laptops,…show more content…
(Rationale of selection is discussed later). COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: India, State: Tamil Nadu, City: Chennai. Our manufacturing company is named Lakhani and Sonawala Pvt. Ltd. (LnS Pvt. Ltd. commonly known). “Smart Chop” our product is patented under national and international laws for its inventive and innovative nature and being the first of its kind. Our product is thus safe from public domain and we enjoy and exploit all the rights and benefits arising out of and due to our product. India has always been hub for talent and inventions. This thus was the country selected to manufacture the product as it has immense man-power, cheap labour and transport costs as compared to china, talented and skilled engineers and various innovative manufacturing techniques. Smart chop is thus a product manufactured in a unit in south India and aspiring to proliferate rich economies like Australia through a smart market entry strategy. Rationale for country selection Country: Australia, State: Victoria Australia, for decades now is known to be the smallest continent however the sixth largest country in the world and this forms the very basis of the country selection which piles up with many socio-economic and political reasons too as shall be discussed eventually. The state selected is the state of Victoria the target market being the busy and resourceful city of Melbourne at first with the
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