The Is It On How Much You Express Yourself?

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How does one define greatness, is it on how much you express yourself? No! Says the billionaire, greatness, is determined by the amount of wealth you acquire in your life. No! Says the priest, it’s defined by how much you commit your life to god. No! Says your country, greatness is how much you give to your country. Becoming great is a thing that most desire, yet most don’t know what being great really means. We are born in the mentality that some people are great such as the president or comic book heroes such as Batman, but for what reason? Is it because they’re rich or powerful or is it because of the good that they try to do? What about the poor souls in Iraq that had to kill against their will to survive the war? Can they be …show more content…
We need to preserve and maintain a clear head when it comes to any situation. You cannot live a life that involves hating on anyone in the world. This just hurts everyone who’s involved, even yourself. L. Ron. Hubbard believes that the only true way to become great, is to learn how to love. Donald Trump is a remarkable man that controversy always seems to follow him around no matter what he does. If anyone else did or said anything the things he has done, their political career would have ended, yet Donald Trump is still going strong. The reason why his political career is so strong is because he says what he wants to say. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks which causes him to get the support of the American people. Many would consider him a racist and a bigot, but at the same time, many consider him to be a great figure. Why is he considered as someone great if he’s xenophobic? The reason is because each person has a different definition of great. If you ask two different people what makes someone great, most likely they will tell you two different things. Each individual has a different meaning of greatness, some consider wealth to be an indication of greatness. If we considered having a mass amount of wealth as greatness, Donald Trump Certainly fits this role. He is one of the few people who can be called a billionaire. This is no small feat, there’s just a
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