The Is It On How Much You Express Yourself?

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How does one define greatness, is it on how much you express yourself? No! Says the billionaire, greatness, is determined by the amount of wealth you acquire in your life. No! Says the priest, it’s defined by how much you commit your life to god. No! Says your country, greatness is how much you give to your country. Becoming great is a thing that most desire, yet most don’t know what being great really means. We are born in the mentality that some people are great such as the president or comic book heroes such as Batman, but for what reason? Is it because they’re rich or powerful or is it because of the good that they try to do? What about the poor souls in Iraq that had to kill against their will to survive the war? Can they be considered great? What about someone who donated tons of his money while staying anonymous so that he can take the tax hit. Can he be considered great even if he got that very same money to help the poor from dirty business tactics? Is the end worth the means? Or do you have be great from the very start? Greatness comes in many forms and each person that can be considered “great” has done so different ways. One example of someone becoming great by being different is L .Ron Hubbard. He is most known in creating the religion scientology. L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology have become one of the more dominant religions of the twenty first century. One of the main reasons why he was able to get so many followers to Scientology is by demonstrating…
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