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In many societies in America people fall into one of three categories, a nationalist, globalist, or hybrid. The nationalist is a person who tends to prioritize their own country over others on many world matters. The globalist is looking out for the betterment of the world at large, therefore, they have a world view. Then the hybrid who picks and chooses whatever seems best at the time. While nationalism seems like it will pay off at times a country will end up being either selfish or a bully to other countries. This will likely lead too few large world powers that don’t care about other countries, unless the other country can provide benefit to them. Globalism, while sounding nice in theory, it will be difficult for it to be effective unless the entire world is on board and for many reasons that isn’t realistic. One of the reasons is that each person has a different culture, religion, or set of principles that they live by. If one country keeps giving while other countries only take, then the country giving will go bankrupt. At some point they won’t be able to give anymore and then chaos is bound to erupt. The hybrid in my opinion has the right idea, the idea is to be considerate without getting into other peoples ' business. I strongly feel the balance of mainly nationalism with the right amount of globalism will help us reach the most positive outcome on both a national and global level.
There are three sayings that really gave me this position, “to each their own”, “live
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