The Is No Proof Of Divinity

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In his article Milbank also underlines the importance of Trinity. In his theological model nothing is more basic than the Father’s generation of the Son with a Holy Spirit as a “gift” to these relations. This harmony was interrupted by incarnation of Jesus. Then, Milbank proves that the history of resurrection is actually testifies as the returning point to the harmony of this relationship. Taking into account the significance of this relationship in relation to the creation ‘ex nihilio’, gives us chance to put the history of Christ on the same level, thus making him the measure of all human reality. However, I don’t agree with Milbank’s points that, “Resurrection is no proof of divinity, no a kind of vindication of Jesus’s mission”. In my opinion, resurrection needed to be done in order for God to be able to offer salvation back to mankind. Jesus would not have held the title of ‘the Christ’, meaning the ‘Messiah’, if he was only essential to the start of new religion. Incarnation and resurrection are two essential parts of Jesus’ mission and the evidence of his mission to be completed. It is the proof that non-violence has victory over people’s violence. Moreover, resurrection is the proof that God takes people’s sins away because when Jesus returns back to the Heavens we see his divinity, therefore, we see that it’s God who took our sins away as only God can do it. In addition, in terms of universal resurrection, Milbank is also incorrect to say that, “…it is the
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