The Is Not A Soul Alive Who Will Not

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Kevin R. Duncan
There is not a soul alive who will not, at one time or another, be the victim to someone else’s careless actions, hurtful conduct, or even sinful behavior. (Love this, reminds me of the lyrics “Who am I to judge another, when {even} I walk imperfectly?”)
Gratefully God has taught us that we can forgive! Even though we may be a victim once, we need not be a victim twice by carrying the burden of hate, bitterness, pain, resentment, or even revenge. We can forgive, and we can be free!
One key to forgiving others is to try to see them as God sees them. <3
Too often we look at the offender the way we would look at an iceberg—we see only the tip and not beneath the surface. We do not know all that is going on in a person’s life. Please do not misunderstand. To forgive is not to condone. We do not rationalize bad behavior or allow someone to mistreat us because of their struggles, pains, or weaknesses. But we can gain greater understanding and peace when we see with a broader perspective.
Forgiveness is the very reason God sent His Son, so let us rejoice in His offering to heal us all. The Savior’s Atonement is not just for those who need to repent; it is also for those who need to forgive. If you are having trouble forgiving another person, or even yourself, ask God to help you.
I need to remember to forgive everyone, because I screw up in life too. Jeffrey R. Holland

Only the adversary, the enemy of us all, would try to convince us that the ideals outlined in
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