The Is Not A True Human Being

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On the road to becoming fully human, people will face several tests in order to arrive at our targets and goals. Humans will encounter all sorts of obstacles during a lifetime. We need all the strength and determination one can muster in order to become a true human being. Being fully human is always a hope in people’s minds because we’re born into the world with a destiny. When people think about how a human’s instinct influences a person’s life, greed is one of humanity’s instincts that can profoundly impact the day to day life of a person. Greed as a part of desire could destroy a human’s life. A human will lose his family, money, and friends if he cannot control his greed. Appropriate desire can be the motivation for humans to move forward. On the other hand, greed as an excessive desire that is too strong will let people lose some things. Therefore, the desire should be used to be more fully human by directing toward love and survival instead of controlling. Love for parents and friends can become people’s desire and push them to find a way to make good relationship instead of bad relationship. When people have love, they will realize their responsibility. This responsibility helps them to improve themselves to be more powerful that they can protect their parents or friends. In the Confucian Analects, Confucius said that supporting your parents is not the same as feeding cattle. If children only provide their parents with housing, food, and transportation tools, it is
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