The Is Not An Occasional Act, It Is A Constant Attitude

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eness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” Anonymous Third grade is definitely top contender in my list of best school years. At age seven, I averaged about 4’2”, sported a head full of small braids, and walk-skipped down the halls with my head held high. School happened to be my favorite part of the day. Every week I anticipated the pop multiplication quizzes that I completed in a breeze. I listened intently as my teacher enthusiastically read aloud the pages of The White Giraffe and The Phantom Tollbooth. Mary McLeod Bethune and Eleanor Roosevelt’s activism for minorities encouraged me to take my education seriously. Learning about erosion, explained how the seeds I planted in my front lawn never seemed to grow…show more content…
I believed this bond could surpass the all time limits; I now know this assumption was awfully wrong.
Nearing the end of the school year is when unfortunate set of events took place. Spring break had just ended. The school season was almost over with summer vacation lurking right around the corner. I was overwhelmed with excitement, I had spent an entire week deprived of the place and friend I favored most. That morning I ate my breakfast so fast I practically choked. I walked onto my bus with the biggest grin on my face and as I entered the double-doors with an extra spring in my walk-skip step. I entered the classroom early enough to greet my beloved Cindy. Only to my disappointment, her desk was empty. Unaltered, I walked over to my desk ready to begin my day. Just as the announcements that signal the start of school began out of the corner of my eye I caught Cindy walking in I waved to her and received no response. I did not catch the red flag, perhaps she did not see me I thought and continued on with my day. Although I tried motioning towards Cindy with no prevail I was not fazed by it. Writing, math, and science preoccupied mind throughout that morning.
Then it came time for recess. Cindy seemingly blind eye had turned into a cold shoulder. My young self happend to be in the depths of despair. My one truly good friend had left me to play with other companions. I had never gotten too close
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