The Is Not Defined By Dictionaries Or Professors, Or Officials

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Definition Essay Draft

Words are not defined by dictionaries or professors, or officials, but by how people use them, how they are put in to context, through the timeless evolution of meanings. Words can have many different faces, many of which can be powerful or quite weak, others can have a friendly face or a mean one. Sometimes there are words that can start out having a friendly face, but with time society can turn them into a mean face that betrays its former self, words like this exist all across modern social interaction, some can be more prominent than others and promote an ignorant atmosphere as to which we are forced to live in. The word gay is no exception, many people apply this word incorrectly to every situation and it builds a homophobic atmosphere and creates a barrier for open homosexuality to become an acceptable concept. Unfortunately, I was one of those individuals that contributed to the ignorant use of this word. I have learned that it is an inappropriate way to use this word, and our generation should not be viewed as one that demotes open homosexuality through speech, but rather one that accepts it and looks toward a brighter social future. The evolution of the word gay has been quite an interesting journey from its original meaning from hundreds of years ago to today 's meaning. The original definition of the word was an adjective used to describe something bright, colorful or even showy; differing from what people think about today as a…
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