The Is Not Destroying American Culture

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Americans today thrive in a culture obsessed with proving honesty, yet riddled with falsehoods. Through the constant barrage of social media and new technology, opportunities to lie have grown exponentially, and ways to catch someone in the act have only been amplified. However, this is not all new to Americans. Since the birth of this nation, up to the present, and for the foreseeable future, the dance around truth and lie will continue. Everyone is a liar, but nobody wants to be called one. Contrary to the belief of modern naysayers, this philosophy has helped to shape and dictate American life and culture since the Founding Fathers first laid pen to paper for this nation. Dishonesty is not destroying American culture, it is intricately intertwined into the very basis of its identity. A nation cannot function without a healthy level of dishonesty. Contradicting Immanuel Kant’s unwavering optimism in human nature, people are selfish. As with any generalizations, there are exceptions. Of course there are a select few people somewhere in this country that are altruistic, the vast majority of people fall somewhere on a spectrum of egotism. With this in mind, it is wholly impossible to function as a nation with complete honesty. In Kant’s “On a Supposed Right to Lie for Philanthropic Concerns” he attempts to refute an argument regarding his own dogma of complete honesty being an essential moral code. The challenge to his absolutist statement asserts that if a murderer is
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