The Is Rooted Behind The Beginning Legal Conclusion Of Marriage

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The term stepparent is rooted behind the beginning legal conclusion of marriage. Since this term has been coined there have been many stipulations of the legal rights and financial responsibilities that the stepparents should posses. Due to the increase divorce in the U.S., the amount of remarriages is increasing. The conversation of stepparent’s rights is very common. The national Step Family Resource Center notes that if the tendency of increasing number of people becoming step parents continues, persons in stepfamilies may make up as much as half of the population by the next century (Pasley, Dollahite, Ihinger-Tallman, 1993). With the increasing number of stepparent families, this topic is important due to it affecting many families in the U.S. In the beginning my thoughts were that the acceptance of the stepparent by the child was the most important aspect of stepparent households, until I did more in depth research. I learned that it is the less difficult step in the process. The most difficult step is being a stranger to a new family. These new stepparents have no legal, custodial or financial responsibilities over the stepchildren. Being a stepparent is limiting for many reasons, however different circumstance cause for different feelings toward the limits places on stepparents.
When a stepparent agrees to marry a person with children from previous marriages, this can be seen as an honorable deed. This may not be easy but in order for the new marriage to work,…

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