The Is Still At An Exploratory Phase

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Introduction Interpreting between two languages, whether the practitioner interprets in a simultaneous or consecutive manner, is a task that incorporates many complexities. Not surprisingly, even with the plethora of research on various aspects of the interpreting process, empirical research into team interpreting is still at an exploratory phase. To date, investigation into team interpreting has been confined to focussing on courtroom and conference team interpreting situations. This current study focuses on 9 case studies of a mediated interpreted situation, looking at the types of support offered and requested by the interpreting team. While many studies suggest interpreters working in a team situation need to monitor each other and provide appropriate support, to date this as not been explored further. It is known that interpreters will offer and request support from each other such as names, places and numbers. However, it is unknown what types of prompts are offered and requested. Thus, this current study will be seeking to identify and categorise the most common types of support in the form of prompting either being offered or requested between the interpreting team. This chapter will be reviewing literature related to interpreting in general, sign language interpreting, the context for sign language interpreters in Australia, working as part of a team, both in the interpreting context and other professions, interpreting miscues, repairs, and cognitive load, and

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