The Is The Applications Of Computers, Software, And Mathematical Models

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Bioinformatics is the applications of computers, software, and mathematical models to the management of biological information from large data sets. It is the storage and analysis of biological information by the use of computers. Computers are used to gather, store, analyze, and integrate information that can then be applied to gene-bases drug discovery and development. This has become an essential part of biological research activity, and is rapidly becoming as ordinary in biosciences as molecular biology has been since the 1980s. The science of Bioinformatics, which is the melding of molecular biology with computer science, is essential to the use of genomic information in understanding human diseases and in the identification of new molecular targets for drug discovery (What is bioinformatics). The primary goal of bioinformatics is to increase the understanding of biological processes. It is the "determination of the sequence of the entire human genome (approximately three billion base pairs)” (What is bioinformatics). This is done so differently from other approaches, however, due to its focus on developing and applying computationally intensive techniques to achieve this goal. "With bioinformatics, scientists can compare data from genetic material of a variety of living things, from tiny bacteria to large organisms, such as humans (Bioinformatics, 2012). Bioinformatics has made it possible for scientists to be able to analyze genomes and their functions.
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