The Is The Art And Science Of Helping Adults Learn

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One of the biggest benefits of being able to experience the 20th century, is understanding it’s never too late to learn. There’s new technology coming out daily to streamline the learning curve. Someone is always coming up with new applications or YouTube videos to assist in teaching individuals a step-by-step process on how to do something. Malcolm Knowles and David Kolb both were innovators, and they both wanted adults to be able to learn new things and feel comfortable that they would be able to. As you read this paper, you will discover the different concepts that they both had a hand in to improve the learning curve of the adult population.
“Andragogy is the art and science of helping adults learn” (Bartle, 2015). During my research of Malcolm Knowles and his world renown concept “Adult Learning Theory”, it’s evident that he has left his fingerprint on many lives. His motivation for helping adults achieve their best selves possible was something that he was very passionate about. Mr. Knowles wanted adults to have more control over shaping their future by creating a more relatable educational experience, instead of adults being taught according to the same structure as a child, better known as pedagogy. This particular statement displays Malcolm Knowles passion for the adult learner, “He believed the process was important; trusted in the human organism’s propensity toward growth; held a willing, experimental and innovative attitude toward helping learners learn
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