The Is The Best Interest Of The Animal

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I was raised in a Hispanic Catholic family, where the men worked and the women stayed at home. Many of my parents ideals and morals, I found to be distorted concepts of equality. My mindset was geared more towards a more liberal and newer generation values. Quite funny how growing up in a strict environment like that, I ended up being a gay performer. Being taught things a certain way, made me reject and question the way my parents’ thought even more. Through several online quizzes and personal assessment, I am more likely to classify myself as a Democrat with moderately left-winged tendencies. Naturally, I am more likely to side with policies that promote social and economic equality. Through social issues in our country, I tend to have a wide array of beliefs. I do not believe in euthanasia. In veterinary medicine, medical practice is dedicated to the best interest of the animal, but, having that said, we are not in the same category as animals. Humans are a much more sophisticated species that is capable of impacting many lives. When it comes to abortion, I am pro-choice. The idea of abortion itself does not intrigue me, but I was born a male and therefore I should automatically not be allowed to give my own opinion of a woman should do with her body. Comparatively, I am for the death penalty, but I believe it should be treated by a case by case situation. My views of life are everywhere, but I do not believe social issues are black and white. They offer more complexity
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