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Innovation is the core principle behind the consistency in energy today. Throughout history, various intellectuals have revolutionized the world through their creative methods of cultivating energy. In recent years, people have witnessed some of the greatest advancements and have reached unprecedented levels in technology. These technological advancements are only possible using energy sources. An energy source is a system which creates energy in a certain way. The lifestyle of the future is determined by the energy sources practiced today. Each energy source has distinct characteristics making it more valuable than others. Examples of positive characteristics in energy sources are availability and environmental friendliness. Thus, the most viable energy sources for the future are natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable resources. These energy sources possess the best attributes for an improvement in mankind’s lifestyle.
The Industrial Revolution marked a crucial point for the history of mankind. It completely changed the way man understood and operated his life. It was a time of indistinct transition from a method of work everyone knew and was comfortable with, to a simpler, more productive, and flourishing lifestyle. It was possible to imagine a world in which industry could take the place of many of life’s hardships. The Industrial Revolution was an inspiration and motivation for everyone to dream bigger and aim higher in every aspect of his or her life.
People were

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