The Is The Invisible And Formless

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Humans long for the tangible. They desire what is seen and felt, and strive for what can be held above the head in victory. To hold an object and to know that it is within their possession, and then to display this fact to others is a source of great pride. The satisfaction that one is able to find in life is linked to materiality. People want to own physical objects and they want the power, and the knowledge that it takes to acquire them. However, it is the invisible and formless that provides for functionality, that allows a human to fulfill his/her true capabilities. People are trying to fill their lives with objects, but this is not the way that they will become content. The struggle to accomplish such a goal will only bring about disappointment and loss. The obsession with labeling the outside in order to make sense of it and attributing value to that which is physical causes blockages and disrupts the inherent flow. According to Lao Tsu, a human’s life should be emptied of such trivialities in order to make room for what is natural; simplicity should be embraced in order for the truth of the universe to be revealed and what follows is clarity and peace rather than self-containment. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tsu describes an eternal Way of life that is unperceivable, but is everywhere and consists of everything. It is the natural order of the universe, and it is eternally present. In order to be one with the Tao, one must learn to flow with life. The hierarchy of the…

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