The Is The Oldest Health Practice On The Planet Essay

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Touch is the oldest health practice on the planet. Yes, that 's right "HEALTH PRACTICE". To touch, someone is our greatest gift that we have to share with each other. It lets us know that we are here and very much alive! From the very first moment of our conception, the nervous system begins to develop and connect us to the world. Our senses connect us to each other and our environment. Bodywork is a therapeutic tool that helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us. More about Smart Massage Therapy As our technology evolves we have created mechanical devices that can mimic human touch, but that 's just it, it 's a distant echo of the real thing. To feel human we must actually feel human touch. Now, you may want to know more about touch, health & relaxation. The articles and educational elements of this website are designed to introduce you to Smart Massage Therapy, while helping you become body wise, increase your self-awareness and understanding of touch related therapies. Our emphasis is on research and critical thinking. Science based discussions, along with general information on the foundation of massage techniques and related modalities. As important as "science" is we also acknowledge that there is more to the impact of human touch on our lives. To listen to the above introduction to Get Massage Smart Follow the Link to a video podcast. You Can Follow Get Massage Smart on Vimeo we upload educationally based articles several times a week. Our
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