The Is The Optimistic View On The World

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A liberalist has an optimistic view on the world; precisely human nature. Although instability exists in today’s society, a liberal attempts to restrict this instability. Liberalists believe, “Humans are, by nature, good; they are only led astray by fear and uncertainty” (Class notes, 9/21). They believe that every individual has good qualities, however they sense that fear and uncertainty serve as an obstacle in growth as a human being. Liberalism seeks progress and liberty, unlike realism, which pursues power and security . Liberalism realizes that warfare is not inevitable. However, with all the relations among states, one would assume war is a lot more frequent especially when states do not see eye to eye. Clearly war is…show more content…
These guarantees of peace and little uncertainty, deepens bonds among individuals and increases commitments of states to cooperate with each other. Although Transnationalism plays a great role in keeping a stable international arena among all the states relations, integration is also key to a stable international arena.
Integration encourages a stable international arena by developing state economies and encouraging foreign trade. Karl Deutsch, a political scientist, states, “Integration means that a ‘sense of community’ has been achieved; people have come to agree that their conflicts and problems can be resolved ‘without resort to large-scale physical force’” (Jackson and Sørensen 103). The transnational ties lead to a secure community, which means a group of people have become integrated. Once integration is reached and the sense of community is formed, that group of people can handle the conflict and problems on their own rather than needing a lot of outside help to resolve the issue. This allows for, “Interdependency and collaboration transfer loyalty from the state to the transnational organization leading to economic interdependency” (Class notes 9/28). Since one state has economic interests in another state it facilitates greater trust and cooperation because that one state would not go to war with the other state
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