The Is The Second Most Used Electoral System

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FPTP is the second most used electoral system worldwide, and in the UK it is used primarily in general elections to reach a fully representative, democratic electoral system. In assessing whether we should scrap FPTP, we must first establish what an electoral system ought to provide. The purpose of an electoral system in the UK is to fairly elect representatives for the population to make up an effective government, as we operate with a system of representative democracy. For an ideal democracy to function, an electoral system that delivers a strong constituency link, genuine voter choice, an effective government is fundamental. It is also important for a system to operate simply and with transparency for the population. As Tom Stoppard once wrote, “It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting.”
These factors are examined through the lenses of proportional representation and accountability, as supporters of FPTP essentially disagree on whether accountability or proportionality is more necessary in attaining democracy. FPTP is the system which provides the highest level of accountability of those used in the UK, and therefore, it is the least proportional system. A strong constituency link is important in a fully representative, democratic electoral system because it allows the population to be properly represented by their local MP. On the whole, the FPTP system does enable an effective constituency link between an elected MP and their constituents, as every
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