The Is The Supreme Law Of The Land

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Theoretically, the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. However, its authority is often compromised by its ambiguity and vagueness. The lack of a logically coherent system where complete statements are supported and ideas can be traced back to single statements allows the Constitution to be willfully interpreted, and these loose interpretations tend to stir up arguments among opposing groups. In order to ensure its authority, the Constitution should be rearranged using an axiomatic system on which all laws are created and proven.
The axiomatic system was developed by several mathematicians using a single, logically coherent framework to derive more complicated concepts based on rigorous mathematical proofs from the basis of mathematics. The key to the success of this system is logical derivation. This technique is accomplished by using the four required components. They are primitives, axioms, law of logic, and theorems.

-Primitives: they are words with universally accepted definitions of a single agreed upon meaning and are not subject to interpretation.
- Axioms (Postulates): they are basic statements using primitives that express a single idea. They are not provable but universally accepted to be true.
-Law of Logic: Aristotelian logic uses symbolic manipulation following strict rules to determine the statements validity and truth.
-Theorem: they are basic statements that combine axioms in such a way, following logic rules to be true.
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