The Is The Teacher Of All Things

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Julius Caesar once said “Experience is the teacher of all things”. This quote holds truth in that through the experiences that I went through, they have all taught me something consequential to prepare me for a veterinary medicine career.
From the array of job experiences I worked, they have guided me to learn attributes that prepared me for a career in veterinary medicine. I learned about patience, integrity, and dedication from my interactions with fellow co-workers and people I met through work. Further more, ever since I was young, I worked a lot in the restaurant business due to my parents owning several restaurants. I worked in every position possible from a dishwasher to a waitress. Because I worked in restaurants and other customer service jobs, they helped me to enhance my communication skills with people and ameliorate my introverted personality. The ability to have an effective communication skills with the clients is essential to the success in the veterinary medicine career. Since people can interact differently, I need to have the ability to adapt my communication style to accommodate with the circumstance I am in as well as the person. Also having an effective communication skills and bright personality are important to the workplace amongst co workers as well. Being able to convey properly with coworkers and setting the right atmosphere can move things productively.
Not only is communcation needed in a veterinary workplace, but also teamwork is needed. The
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