The Is The Thief Of Joy

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“Comparison is the thief of joy” (Roosevelt). Magazines show numerous images that teenage girls compare themselves too. When girls are exposed to these images, they are convinced that they must be a certain size or way. They start to come up with an idea of what the perfect girls should look and act like. It varies from one girl to other. When they construct this image, it can cause them to think they have to change their appearance. Once they think of what they have to change, it causes them to think poorly about themselves. That can cause them to become depressed, anxious, and develop an eating disorder. Magazines can affect teenage girls negatively by making them feel self-conscious, giving them an ideal image of the perfect girl, and influencing society’s standards. Models and advertisements in magazines highly influences teenage girl’s self-esteems. “Magazine advertisements aren’t that great but they work. Some girls believe that buying these products advertised will make them less insecure” (Levine 239). When magazines advertise they show various body parts. For example, magazines could advertise shoes by showing a girl’s legs with a thigh gap. Girls will want the thigh gap that the model has. They will start to wonder why they don 't have them. Another example is that magazines will advertise makeup and the girls face will look flawless. Some girls may believe that the makeup will help them also look flawless. Thin women featured in magazines and most media gives
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