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In the book Horror in Architecture, horror is defined in various ways, from horror being the truth about abstraction to horror reorienting the notion that what exists is not necessarily all that might be. Eight different typologies of horror are identified which includes Doubles and Clones, Exquisite Corpse, Partially and Mostly Dead, Reiteration and Reflexivity, Incontinent Object, Trojan Horse, Homunculism and Gigantism, Solidity, Mass, Stereotomy, Distortion, and Disproportion. The typology I’ll be basing my argument on is the Trojan Horse which has been defined by Joshua Comaroff and Ong Ker-Shing as a less obvious but equally disconcerting form of duality. It can also be perceived as a lack of indication about what is going on within. This paper intends to discuss the Trojan Horse typology of horror through the works of the architect Zaha Hadid who has produced a number of projects that fit into the Trojan Horse typology of horror. Projects which include the Vitra Fire station in Weil am Rhein, the MAXXI museum in Rome and the 1st floor interior design she did for the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid, Spain illustrate the Trojan Horse typology because they have unpredictable interior spaces which subjects the exterior to some kind of random or stylistic treatment. Hadid was given full leeway to design the 1st floor of Hotel Puerta America. The interior life of this project can be seen as the creation of an internal environment that shuns the exterior expression.

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