The Is The Unacknowledged Entity That Exists Between The Intestacies Of Solid Masculinity

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Homosociality is the unacknowledged entity that exists between the intestacies of solid masculinity (Dellamora Masculine Desire, 2). Jean Lipman-Blumen defines homosociality as: Enjoyment and/or preference for the company of the same sex…it does not necessarily involve…an explicitly erotic sexual interaction between members of the same sex (16). Lipman-Blumen’s definition introduces this “explicitly erotic sexual interaction” to signify homoeroticism. Homoeroticism is “erotic emotions centred on a person of the same sex” (Flood, 307). Flood omits any reference to homosexuality in his term (unlike Lipman-Blumen’s definition) but implies that homoeroticism may act as a secret desire “centred on a person”. This reinforces Thomas Gale’s term…show more content…
The passage states George “almost knocked down” Robert. However, Robert accuses George of inadvertently “[throwing] him down and [trampling] upon him” (29). Robert imagines this “tall and powerfully built” man (13) throwing himself onto his body which initiates his homoerotic desire for George. For instance, when George “hook[s] his arm” into Robert 's arm showing affection to him, this allows Robert to “[lead]...[him to] the shady corner” (29); which permits Robert to use his rekindled friendship with George as a vessel for his homoerotic desires to unravel in secrecy. Braddon establishes a highly erotized setting when Robert and George go fishing. This intimacy is evident from both men “[strolling slowly]” along “the margin of [the] stream” in silence. But also “deep still waters” and “branches [and] brooks” enclose this intimacy between them (63). As Robert and George are in a “shady corner,” why does Robert need his hat to be a “screen from the sunshine”? It does though incite his homoerotic desires by his “falling fast asleep” fantasising about George. Initially, Robert declared “fishing is much better than shooting” (42), but he does not attempt to join George in this male bonding activity. Furthermore, George gets bored and "[striddles] away along the bank" leaving Robert to his homoerotic thoughts (63). Therein, both men use the basis of male activity like fishing to conform to what

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