The Is Where It 's At !

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“Telenursing is where it’s at!” “Burnt out from years of backbreaking work and being on your feet day and night for 12 hour shifts? Are you willing to “chuck” years of nursing experience out the window at this point? DON’T! The votes are in on this one folks!” Listen to what Vtachy has to say about Telenursing! “I have been doing Telenursing for 1 1/2 year. I work from my home, which is the number one reason why I chose this position. I was so close to getting a medical transcription degree because my number one goal was to work from home. I was very burned out, burnt to a crisp! I had been a nurse for 18 years, worked in ICU most of those years, and I needed healing. I had severe burnout. I have two kids and this job has been wonderful, I feel like I 'm not as much of an absent mom now. Added bonus, no tired aching feet and painful backaches after lifting 400 lbs. patients and NO HELP in the ICU, being expected to do way more than one human can do in one shift. Feeling like a failure because there was not enough time to do all that I was supposed to do and care compassionately for my patients. Now, I’m livin la vida loca!” Here is the chew from Lou about Telenursing! “After clocking in for years at No Mercy Hospital, I lost all motivation other than to stay at home with my kids. Since I discovered Telenursing, I don’t have to face nurses who eat their own and I don 't feel like I need a bleach shower after work now. I get to work in my pajamas being a
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