The Islamic Diffusion Of India

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INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH In the 600s, Arab traders were in contact with India. They would regularly go to the west coast of India to trade different goods, like African goods, spices, and gold. As the Arabs began to convert to Islam, the religion carried to the coast of India. The first mosque in India was built in 629, it is called the Cheraman Juma Masjid. The mosque was made in the Indian state Kerala. Islam continued to spread into Indian cities, by immigration and conversion, as the Arab Muslims and the Indians continued trading. DIFFUSION Islamic diffusion in India happened through both Relocation and Expansion. India was first introduced to Islam in the 600’s when Arab traders regularly sailed to the west coast of India to trade goods like spices and gold. At this time the Arabs had begun to convert to Islam. When they came to the shores of India, they brought their new Islam religion with them. The first mosque in India was built in 629. Islam continued to spread in coastal Indian towns and cities through this immigration and relocation. However, most Indians stayed with their own religion and there was not a massive immigration of Muslims from other areas. Islam also has diffused through Expansion. The greatest Expansion of Islam in India first occurred in 711. Seventeen year old Muhammad bin Qasim was appointed to lead his army of 6,000 soldiers to the far eastern side of Persia, Makran. As he made his way into India there was little
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