The Islamic Faith

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The idea of religion is based upon the belief that there is some all knowing, all-powerful source at work in the universe that is much bigger than all of us. Many religions have come to label this power as God. The main characteristic we have come to understand about God is His unconditional love for all humans and His desire to be in loving relationships with us. It is also our understanding that all people are created good, as we are created in His image. So then why do bad things happen to good people? Why does He allow us to suffer and feel such immense pain? We normally associate love with joy and happiness, but sometimes the world can be so painfully unfair and cruel that it makes us question whether He is really looking after our best interests. Different cultures and religions all provide different theories and the first perspective I researched looking for answers to this difficult question was that of the Islamic faith. Every single day you can turn on the news and hear about tragic human suffering, whether it be natural disasters wiping out entire villages, suffering of children, famine, mass murders, loss of loved ones, etc. This can cause some people to either blame God or lose faith altogether. Atheists can’t blame God because they do not accept His existence or role in the world. It is their belief that bad things that happen are totally random and are by people’s own individual choices. Suffering and pleasure both occur by pure chance and the only escape is
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