The Islamic Faith Has Come Under (Unjust) Mass Scrutiny

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The Islamic faith has come under (unjust) mass scrutiny within the last thirty years with the rise of religious extremist terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda (AQ), Boko Haram and ISIS that use the principle of ‘jihad’ as motivation for their violence. Although we are right to fear these groups for their hatred of secular society and their willingness to murder (what Western society considers to be) innocent people, the Western world is at fault for sensationalizing and generalizing one billion Muslim believers as terrorists, which is simply not the case. Because of major terrorist attacks executed by the aforementioned groups within the last seventeen years (for example, 9/11, the 2014 shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the 2015 Charlie…show more content…
Religion and politics have always gone hand in hand. Since the creation of nation-states, religion has been at the forefront of creating policy and enacting laws that mass society must follow. For example, the United States of America was created by Founding Fathers who had Christian ideals. These ideals and customs quickly became the norm for all (ex. Marriage between a man and woman, men are only allowed the right to vote, et cetera). Countries that are founded on religious principle can be criticized for marginalizing those they feel do not meet their notions of what a good human being is (ex. gay people, women, black people, et cetera). The creation of the “other” has negative consequences when one factors in the radicalizing of extremist religious groups. Because of the interwoven relationship between politics and religion and the distorting of an entire religious faith, it is crucial that we examine how the KKK and AQ are similar and how they are different. The Western world is quick to forget that Christianity has had its own record of violence and thus, we believe that Islam is the world’s only violent faith. This is not the case. From an examination of two of the world’s most violent religious extremist terrorist groups, we can hope to break down the assumptions of Islam. For the purposes of this paper, terrorism can be defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against
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